Carterton baby shares link with new prince

By Vomle Springford


A Carterton family's bundle of joy will share the same birthdate as the Prince of Cambridge - and a list of other similarities.

Emily Jo Richardson was born on July 22 - the same date as Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge's baby boy.

She was the only baby born on that day at Wairarapa Hospital.

Emily and the royal baby, who is yet to be named, are the same weight, were both overdue and share a birthday. And like the royal couple, chuffed parents Renee and Joe Richardson, from Carterton, didn't know the sex of their baby until she was born.

"We didn't find out, we kept it a surprise," said Mrs Richardson.

She said it was quite neat Emily was born on the same date as the royal baby. Emily's big sister Leah, 7, said it was "weird!"

"Heaps of people have text us 'oh you've got same birthdate!' said Mrs Richardson. "Even my midwife thought it was neat having the baby on the same day."

During her pregnancy she wondered if her baby would end up sharing a birthday with the royal baby.

"It's really funny how it panned out. My midwife said 'oh she must be waiting for Kate' because I was overdue."

Mrs Richardson went into the hospital around 6pm on Sunday and 9 hours later Emily made her appearance.

The Duchess of Cambridge was in labour for a slightly longer time - 11 hours.

Mrs Richardson is also the same age as the Duchess and was born two days before Prince William.

She said her mum thought it was great her granddaughter and the baby prince shared a birthday.

"Especially during my whole pregnancy, my mum was telling me how close I was born to William and we were due at the same time."

Emily was born at 2.30am Monday, at Wairarapa Hospital while the royal baby was born 4.24pm, (UK time), on Monday.

Both babies weighed in at 8 pounds, 6 ounces (3.8kg).

Mr Richardson said they'd had a guessing game between family and friends on how much Emily would weigh.

He was spot on with guessing the weight and Leah was not far off with her estimate at 8 pounds, 5 ounces.

The baby girl was named by proud sister Leah.

"She suggested Emma and Joe and I added to it," said Mrs Richardson.

Leah had been hoping for a little sister, then changed her mind to a boy but was now pleased to have someone to share her toys with.

Mrs Richardson said the labour was smooth sailing and after Emily came out "quite loud" she was quite a calm baby.

"She came out quite loud, I thought 'wow she's got good lungs on her aye'."

The couple are not planning on having any more children.

"Two's enough, two's good, but I mean you never say never," said Mrs Richardson. "I can't wait to see the royal baby."

She thinks it might be named William, after the Prince.


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