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Parents praise amazing helpers

By Trevor Quinn

A Masterton couple say their son's accident at Masterton's Skate Park has highlighted the kindness and community spirit found there.

Nine-year-old Sam Dale was at the park on November 16 to practice tricks on his scooter.

He said his memory of the incident is hazy, but one moment he was attempting a manouevre and the next he had smacked his chin hard on the ground, cutting it deeply.

"There were kids standing around me," Sam said, "There was two adults there, too, and one of them lifted me out of the bowl and put me on a seat."

After they tended to Sam the couple raised the alarm.

Sam's father, Dave Dale, said they wanted to thank the couple who so quickly came to the boy's aid.

"It is reassuring to know there are people who will always help," Mr Dale said. He and Sam's mother, Vanessa, were across the road at the Genesis Recreation Centre when the accident occurred.

"I just ran over and [Sam] was just covered in blood and the couple had already rung our house line. They were amazing," Mrs Dale said.

"They carried him out of the bowl and sorted him all out ... it was horrendous. His cut was huge. It was about 2cm wide and it was very deep."

There was no first aid kit close to hand but the couple used an clean nappy to stop the blood.

"When we got to the hospital I said to [Sam], 'Do you know what's on your face?' Mrs Dale said. They didn't get the name of the couple before going to hospital. Mrs Dale said they were extremely grateful to them, the children and the staff of Genesis Recreation Centre who rushed over to ensure first aid was being given.

"He was very lucky to have people around," she said.

After hospital treatment, Sam is back on his scooter, armed with a new helmet, and making a good recovery.


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