At the time of writing there is, on Cara Delevingne's Instagram account, a video of a penguin. As videos of penguins go, it is sufficiently endearing; more cute than anything from March of the Penguins, but slightly less cute than that footage of the baby penguin being tickled at San Diego Zoo.

Unlike that little chap, the penguin in Cara's video doesn't fly about on the lino, wings akimbo, squealing in ticklish ecstasy. It's just a penguin, shuffling about doing its penguin-y thing, but it made me smile when it turned up on my feed yesterday, and gave me yet another reason to be grateful for Cara Delevingne.

Not that the list of reasons to be grateful for Cara D isn't long enough already. There's the return of bushy eyebrows, of course, a trend that took off pretty much on the sole basis of her face-framing caterpillars, a look so ubiquitous now that it's easy to forget there was ever an era when a beetling brow was the trademark of a comic-book copper rather than a supermodel.

Cara brought the brow back. She also brought back attitude to the catwalk. Proper, scrappy, "let's be havin' you" attitude, as opposed to the strutting froideur of her fellow models. For all her much-vaunted aristocratic antecedents, and whether she's doing bridal for Chanel, or turbaned up for Dolce & Gabbana, Cara's goofy grin and wicked side-eye glances telegraph a sense of mischief not seen on the runway since another skinny young English teenager took the world by storm straight out of Croydon.


Like Kate Moss, Cara knows how to party. This is another of the reasons why she's a good Instagram follow. Like most women in their early 20s, Cara is a relentless documenter of her own recreation and she shares most of it with her 41,000 followers.

She's been on the ran-tan with Georgia May Jagger recently. A couple of weeks ago my feed was full of photos from the latter's' 23rd birthday party outing to Las Vegas. Of all of the shots, the one of the whole gang of crazy kids posing with Celine Dion was my favourite. That's the really endearing thing about Cara Delevingne - she looks like she'd be a great laugh to be with.

We've got all sorts of new ways to interact with celebrities, thanks to social media, but following super-models on Instagram can be a tricky business. First, there's such a thing as too much information. I don't care what you had for breakfast, even if you're Karen Elson. Secondly, there's no surer recipe for dissatisfaction than pressing your nose to the glass of a life of celebrity and privilege. But, when it works, it can give you real insight into what a person might be like in real life, and whether you'd want to get to know them.

Cara makes my list, if only on the basis of the penguin video and the Celine Dion group portrait.