Chef Sean Connolly, of the show Under The Grill and popular Auckland restaurant The Grill, shares with us what he'll be reading, where he'll be drinking on a summer evening - and why he wants to swim with sharks.

Where I'm going:
I like to go camping with family and friends depending on which country I'm in - Australia or New Zealand. This year, I'm spending a lot of time here in Auckland, so camping in the Bay of Islands is my pitch of choice.

Where I'm eating:
I am really enjoying Little Bird at the moment on Summer St in Ponsonby. I like the cleanser smoothies and the clever idea of the un-bakery, which I find intriguing.

Where I'm drinking:
Golden Dawn on Ponsonby Rd on a summer evening, where there is nowhere better to drink with friends.


What I'm wearing:
Levi's, Rayban sunglasses, handmade leather shoes and my favourite T-shirt by Nobody Jeans out of Melbourne. It's five years old and kind of shabby - no better feeling.

What I'm reading:
Perfection in Imperfection by chef Janice Wong, who said she blindfolded herself for three days about two years ago to help her brainstorm new approaches to dessert. "No one said a cake has to be round or square," she once said in an interview.

What I'm making:
This summer it has to be tiramisu. There is something very decadent about a good tiramisu - sweet, creamy, bitter chocolate, and that caffeine kick at the end. It can really lift your spirits at the end of a good feast.

My summer must-have:
Heirloom tomato salad, buffalo mozzarella, home-grown basil, fruity extra virgin olive oil and sea salt ... sublime.

Something new I want to try this summer:
I want to swim with whale sharks in Western Australia. It's been a dream of mine for years - call it a bucket list - and I think 2014 is my year.