The treatment of mental health sufferers in South Sudan, captured by award-winning Kiwi photographer Robin Hammond, features in a renowned World Press Photo Exhibition showing in Auckland this week.

The showcase of the world's most powerful images, now in its 57th year, covers some of the biggest stories of 2013: New Zealand losing the America's Cup by Oracle, Nelson Mandela's death, the Boston Marathon bombing and the Nairobi mall siege.

The exhibit, held on the top floor of the Smith & Caughey's building on Queen Street from tomorrow, features a selection of images, hand-picked by a jury from almost 100,000 images entered into this year's contest.

Host of the exhibit, Craig Dealey, says: "Each time we host this exhibition, we are reminded how relatively peaceful New Zealand is, and how fortunate we are given all that is happening in the world.


"We support global awareness, and the quest for international harmony. We hope that .. this exhibition will make people more internationally aware, .. more socially responsible."

Gallery: A selection of this year's images

Judged in Amsterdam, the prize-winning photographs are assembled into a travelling
exhibition that is viewed by over a million people in 40 countries.

American photographer John Stanmeyer, took the top prize for a National Geographic magazine shot of African migrants on the shore of Djibouti city at night, raising their phones to try to get reception from neighbouring Somalia.

The World Press Photo Exhibition is being held in Auckland from July 5 to 27. Entry costs $10 for adults and $5 for students. Parental discretion is advised.