Whanganui's Hells Angels headquarters may be getting a little extra traffic this week as Pokémon Go players show up for their free pokeballs.

The popular smartphone game has players move around in real life to move an avatar on their phone screen, and has them travelling to different areas to catch Pokémon.

An avatar is an icon or figure representing a particular person in a computer game or internet forum.

Some landmarks and monuments are designated as 'pokestops', where players can pick up items such as pokéballs, eggs, and potions.


Players have discovered the Hells Angels pad on Kaikokopu Rd, Aramoho has been set down as a pokestop, a fact that has gained attention on Facebook.

A post about it on Facebook page Only In New Zealand has so far received more than 5000 likes, and more than 1000 comments.

One person said it was "Team Rocket's NZ chapter".

A man who answered the gate at the club did not know what Pokemon Go was and said to "Go talk to the police."