A solution to one of the most widely used,and difficult to dispose of plastics could lie in a fungus found in Ecuador.

According to a recent research paper by a group of Yale University students, the pestalotiopsis microspora fungi seems to survive quite happily eating polyurethane.

- Via Popsci.

Regenerative face masks
Regenerative masks may be the future of US military solutions to repairing faces of soldiers who return from war with facial injuries.


A layer of the biomask will disperse "therapeutics," made up of antibiotics, stem cells, growth agents or pain relief.

I've got my eye on you

In a world full of wifi, smartphones and gps - it's little wonder that parents have found a way to harness these modern technologies to keep better watch on their young ones.

This pocket finder can be discreetly attached to a keyring or school bag, where it will act as a gps tracker so that parents can keep tabs on their kids.