If Kieran Foran decides to stay at the Warriors beyond this season, his next contract will likely be for just one more year.

Although the Auckland NRL club would prefer the security of a long-term deal - to avoid the soap opera of the past month playing out again in 2018 - they will accept the pragmatic step of another 12 months.

That reflects the value of Foran to the club, as well as the impact he would continue to have on the younger players at the franchise.

It's not ideal - but it's better than nothing.


Another suitor was added to the Foran folder yesterday, with Newcastle coach Nathan Brown declaring that he had caught up with the Warriors playmaker on the NSW Central Coast during the Easter break. Although Australian media implied that Foran had travelled from Canberra to Newcastle to meet with Brown, it wasn't quite as direct as that. Foran was already on the Central Coast, visiting extended family with his children, and caught up with Brown while he was there.

The playmaker returned to New Zealand last night, and will resume training today, along with the rest of the Warriors squad.

Foran's meeting with a rival coach may seem incongruous for some Warriors fans but it's the nature of the NRL.

Off contract in November, he is free to meet with other clubs, as he assesses all of his possible options. It's the same thing that Storm back rower Tohu Harris did last year, before deciding to move across the Tasman to the Warriors.

However, Foran's new manager Sam Ayoub will conduct most of the meetings with Australian clubs, with his star client based in New Zealand.

Expect a few more twists in the saga yet. Foran's reportedly torn by his upcoming decision, which needs to be made by the end of the month, according to the Warriors deadline. The 26-year-old is conscious that living in Auckland has been perfect for his personal and league rehabilitation, he enjoys the culture at the club and is aware of the potential of the Warriors team.

But fatherhood creates the biggest shadow, one that ultimately may be too difficult to step away from.

The Warriors are prepared to make allowances with Foran, as they have done this year, permitting him to spend some extra time in Australia after away games.

But they are also aware that, for the sake of team culture and values, there can't be too much special treatment.

Foran will have to be treated like any other player, which, on a practical level means his interaction with his children during the season will be limited.

The future of Foran may be up in the air - with the most likely scenario that he will leave - but the club remains confident of re-signing Shaun Johnson.

Although the halfback has openly expressed his desire that Foran stay, Johnson is likely to remain at Mt Smart regardless of his teammate's eventual decision.