Newcastle Knights player and former New Zealand Warrior David Bhana was carried from the field after suffering a suspected broken leg.

Bhana was playing in the Intrust Premiership on Saturday at Lottoland against the Blacktown Workers when disaster struck.

Only moments after coming on to the field in the second half the 24-year-old fell awkwardly in the tackle hyper-extending his left leg.

Shocking video of the incident shows the lock-forward picking the ball up from dummy half and taking the ball into the defensive line.


As Bhana reaches the first defender he is spun around so he is facing his only try line.

While backing into the line, the weight of opposition player Dean Parata lands directly on top of Bhana's left knee forcing him into an awkward looking splits position.

The former New Zealand Warriors player doesn't attempt to stand and sits with the injured leg placed out in front of him.

As Blacktown player Jamil Hopoate exits the tackle he looks back at Bhana and puts his hands to his head and walks away not wanting to look back at the horrific injury.

The commentator can be heard saying 'I think we've got a very serious injury here' as trainers rush to Bhana's aid.

The match was stopped for 10 minutes as doctors assessed Bhana and a medicab assisted him from the field.