Coles Nitro Athletics Series Round 1, Lakeside Stadium, Melbourne - 4 February 2017

New Zealand finished fifth in the round of the Nitro Athletics series in Melbourne on Saturday evening. NZ performances: Kelsey Berryman 60m 7.46 (+0.8) (1). Will O'Neill 100m para-athlete men 10.83 (1). Joseph Millar 150m 15.29 (NWI) (1). Anna Grimaldi 100m para-athlete women 13.01 (-1.1) (3). Zoe Hobbs 150m 17.71 (NWI) (3). Nick Southgate PV 5.20m (3). Mackenzie Keenan 100m H 14.43 (-0.1) (6). Tori Peeters JT 52.43m (5). Hamish Gill 60m 6.96 (+0.2) (6). Matthew Wyatt LJ 7.32m (-1.6) (5). Laura Nagel finished 4th in the women's Elimination Mile race while Ben Musson filled the same place on the men's race. In the 2 x 300m relay Katherine Camp and Millar were fourth in 73.03. Tim Cornish and Esther Keown were third equal in the 3 min Challenge with 2275m. Olivia Eaton (200m), Michael Cochrane (400m), Ellen Schaef (600m) and Tom Moulai (800m) were fifth in the mixed distance medley in 4:40.34.

First day points Bolt All-Stars 1080, Australia 1050, China 845, Japan 810, New Zealand 795, England 735.


Athletics Auckland Combined Events Championships, Mt Smart Stadium - 4/5 February 2017

Former Palmerston North athlete William Smart and now with North Harbour Bays and coached by James Mortimer won the sprint double 100m 10.83 (+2.2) and the 200m 21.79 (+1.2). James Guthrie-Croft was second on both occasions in 11.02 and 22.13. Smart was the bronze medallist in the 100m and 200m at the 2013 Oceania championships. Mellata Tatola won the U/18 SP 13.19m and had a PB 43.32m in the DT. Ella Pilkington (21) won the hammer with her first round throw of 51.42m. During her second attempt she could not control her delivery and as she fell her left foot got twisted under her and received all the shock of the body weight in this dangerous position and she sustained a bad spiral fracture of the fibula up to the base of the femur. Luke Mercieca recorded 50.20 in the 400m and 14 year old Tommy Te Puni was second in 53.92. Anthony Nobilo 6kg HT 56.83m. Savannah Scheen PB 3kg HT 46.64m. Diana Ismagilova LJ 5.42m (+1.8) PB. Lewis Arthur LJ 6.76m (+3.7). Liam Speer HJ 1.95m. Abby Goldie 100m 12.15 (+3.2). Mariam Cisse 200m 25.93 (-0.1) PB.

Matthew Aucamp won the U/18 decathlon with 5228 points. The senior heptathlon title went to Madeline Garbett-Ovens 4092 points, the U/20 title to Alexandra Hyland 4296 and the U/18 to Hayley Marx 4225.

At the junior meeting Kaia Tupu-South set an Auckland resident G14 3kg shot put record of 14.33m, breaking Maddison-Lee Wesches 2014 record of 14.26m.

North Harbour Bays Throwers Meeting, AUT Millennium Stadium - 31 January 2017

Connor Bell threw the 1.75kg discus to a PB 54.79m, just 75cm short of Christopher Menes national under 19 record set 26 years ago. In the 6kg hammer PBs were set by Anthony Nobilo 58.11m, Nick Hailes 54.08m and Rizvan Caukwell 35.08m. Anthony Barms had the 5kg hammer out to a career best 56.94m. Livvie Duggan 4kg hammer 47.35m. Savannah Scheen 3kg hammer 41.74m.

Auckland City Athletics Club Night, Mt Smart Stadium, 1 February:

Marshall Hall was out to a personal best 60.77m with the discus, the first time he has gone over sixty metres. It elevates Marshall to fourth on the New Zealand all-time list behind Ian Winchester, Robin Tait and Les Mills.

Olivia Burne 1500m 4:24.69 mx. Georgia Clode 1500m 4:58.82. Peter Wheeler 1500m 3:54.46 PB, Theo Quax 3:58.88. Jono Jackson 5000m 14:54.53, Tom Moyes 15:15.71. Isaac Tatoa 60m 7.03 (+2.0). James Guthrie-Croft 100m 11.33 (+0.6), 200m 22.32 (+0.6).


Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Meeting, Porritt Stadium - 4 February 2017

Te Rina Keenan SP 15.79m, DT 57.55m. Alexander Parkinson 2kg DT 55.48m a PB by 10cm. Connor Bell 5kg SP 15.52m, 1.5kg DT 58.21m. Leah Belfield 100m 12.57 (+1.9), Ashleigh Sando 12.58. Jessica Hood 400m 57.96, Maria Hodge 58.72. Katie Corbett 300m H 48.95. Ryan Howe 100m 11.12 (+1.5). Michael Gutry 400m 49.34. Krystie Solomon 800m 2:13.10 PB. Isaiah Priddey 1500m 3:59.02. Jonny McKee 5000m 15:47.06. Aodhan Hamilton 1kg DT 28.05m (Para-Athlete record).


Athletics Wellington 5000m Championships, Newtown Park - 4 February 2017

Phoebe McKnight ran a blazing fast first kilometre to string the field out and leave everyone time trialling on their own in the womens championship. Despite the hot windy conditions McKnight coasted home in an impressive time of 16:48.53 mx for her age of 15y 8mths. Seniors Jean Kozyniak were second in 17:55.77 and Sarah Gardner third in 18:16.76. The New Zealand under 19 record is 16:06.47 set by Sonia Barry in 1988 in Hastings. In the men's race, the roles were reversed and the experienced Wellington Scottish runner Rowan Hooper beat his young teammate Harry Burnard. Hooper and Burnard pushed the pace early but Hooper broke away from Burnard over the middle section of the race before slowing down over the last two kilometres, seemingly to protect a sore Achilles. Hooper finished in 15.35.78, Burnard was second in 15:40.00 and Stephen Day third in 15:51.02. Will Anthony U/16 ran 17:37.74 and U/18 Jack Hammond 16:22.22 and U/20 Stefan Przychodzko 16:10.14. Sean Lake won the 5000m race walk in 29:38.71.


Mahar Cup, Saxton Field Athletics Track - 28 January 2017

Bailey Cotton 100m 11.43 (+1.8), 200m 23.13 (+2.0). Lucy Sheat 100m 12.24 (+0.5), 200m 25.33 (0.0). Dave Hansen SP 11.78m, JT 45.49m, DT 37.87m. Kalani Sheridan 800m 1:59.33, 1500m 4:19.14. Bridie Edwards 5000m 17:56.79. Ryan Churchill TJ 13.12m (+3.1) also 12.87m (+1.6).


Athletics Canterbury Meeting, Rawhiti Domain - 4 February 2017

3000m; Gabrielle Gray 10:19.61, Angela Whyte 10:38.21, U/20 Natalie Dryden 10:40.32, U/18 Nathan Cochrane 9:46.77, U/20 Connor Melton 8:51.30. Solene Cordonnier PV 3.10m. Lauren Bruce SP 11.24m, HT 51.50m. Tegan Duffy 300m H 46.65. Tapenisa Havea 3kg SP 11.96m. Jarvis Hansen 60m 7.36 (-1.0), 100m 11.36 (-0.8). Rory McSweeney 800g JT 46.52m. Cameron Gamble 1.5kg DT 42.37m. Ryan Ballantyne 6kg SP 18.67m. Lilly Trotter 800m 2:14.83 mx.


Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground - 4 February 2017

Hugh McLeod-Jones 6kg SP 13.96m, 6kg HT 43.31m PB, 1.75kg DT 42.05m. Hamish Mears 5kg SP 14.51m Otago M15 record, 1.25kg DT 43.72m. Mayce Ballantyne 4kg HT 46.56m. Dyani Shepherd-Oates 3kg HT 46.99m. Todd Bates HT 47.54m. Mathew Cramond HJ 1.85m. Gail Kirkman New Zealand masters W65 records in the high jump 1.21m and in the 800m 2:46.39. Anton Schroder 800g JT 46.07m. Ethan Walker 700g JT 46.46m. Laura Overton 600g JT 42.64m. Felix McDonald LJ 6.61m (+0.4), 200m 23.16 (0.0). Christina Ashton 100m 12.83 (0.0). Bella Bloomfield 3000m 10:50.64. Oliver Chignell 3000m 8:42.38 PB. Tara McNally 300m H 46.92 PB.


For the Love of it 10km, Reston VA, 4 February: Rochelle Basil (nee Sceats) 36:01 (1).


John Thomas Terrier Invitational, Boston, 27 January: Jessica Martin 1000m 3:04.38 (5r5).

McNeese State University Invitation, Lake Charles, 27 January: Imogen Hull mile 5:22.03 (3).

UW Invitational, Seattle, 27 January: Jeff Lautenslager 3000m 8:46.52 (19r3).

J D Martin Invitational, Norman, 27 January: Mike Lowe mile 4:19.50 (6). Anneke Grogan 3000m 10:21.94 (6).

Black & Gold Premier, Iowa City, 27 January: Bailey Stewart 400m 48.80 (7).

Colombia East-West Challenge, 27 January: Torie Owers SP 15.75m (1).

Adidas Classic, Lincoln, 28 January: Ben Collerton HJ 1.83m (7).

Powder River Dual, Gillette, 28 January: Daniel Hintz mile 4:32.41 (4).

Harvard Yale Princeton Meeting, New Haven, 29 January: Ariana Lord 800m 2:15.33 (6).

WSU Cougar Invitational, Pullman, 3/4 February: Greer Alsop LJ 5.41m (6), TJ 12.66m (1) (Meet record).

Charlie Thomas Invitational, College Station Texas, 4 February: Alison Andrews-Paul 800m 2:07.98 (1).


Denise Boyd Shield, QSAC Brisbane, 28 January: Sarah McSweeney 2000m St 6:56.09 (2).

Sydney Invitational, 4 February: Katrina Robinson 1500m 4:18.73 (5) PB


Running icon and legend Bernie Portenski of Wellington died on Wednesday 1 February 2017 aged 67.

Portenski had been suffering from ovarian cancer for some time. She took up running in 1980 after quitting smoking and soon discovered that she had a talent for running. Her most notable achievement and one she cherished was winning the Rotorua marathon on three occasions. Of her total of 114 marathons, 33 were at Rotorua. She broke world age group records, and won marathons across the world. In a stellar 1998 patch she won the Auckland Marathon, her New York Marathon age group and the Christchurch Marathon, all in two weeks. She won the Auckland marathon four times and represented New Zealand four times in overseas events. Portenski was the New Zealand womens marathon champion in 1989, 1998 and 2002.

On her 60th birthday she ran 60km. On her 65th she ran 65km, from Miramar to Eastbourne and back, raising money for Parkinson's disease sufferers.

Between 1994 and 2010, Portenski set New Zealand and world records and marathon bests in all master's grades from 40 to 60-plus. Her effort of running 3:01:30 at the Gold Coast Marathon in 2010 remains a world record for the 60-64 age-group, as does her 10,000m time, set in the same year, of 39:04. By 2011, aged 62, she held four 55-plus age-group world records for middle and long-distance running, and five world records in the 60-plus age group, including for the half-marathon and marathon. She currently still holds the world W60 10,000m record of 39:04.23 set in February 2010 in Wellington and the W60 marathon record, and holds the following New Zealand masters records: W55 3000m 10:38.7 2005, W60 3000m 11:13.64 2010, W55 5000m 17:58.05 2005, W60 5000m 18:51.13 2010, W40 10,000m 34:48.95 1993, W55 10,000m 37:22.37 2006, W60 10,000m 30:04.23 2010, W60 10km road 39:22 2010, W60 half marathon 1:24:06 2010, marathon W40 2:34:39 1992, W60 marathon 3:01:30 2010. Her last Rotorua marathon was on 2 May 2015 where she was first in the 65-69 age group in 3:48:19.

In addition to being named as Wellington sportsperson of the year and Wellington sports personality of the year she was also named Wellingtonian of the year in 1998.

A celebration of Bernies life will be held at Newtown Park track on Tuesday 7 February at 12 noon.

Prominent Northland official and masters athlete Audrey Williams of Whangarei died on Tuesday 31 January 2017 aged 90.

A stalwart with a real passion for the sport of athletics was involved with the Kamo Athletics and the Hatea Harrier Club. She did so much for athletics in Whangarei over the years and her knowledge will be sadly missed.

An accomplished masters athlete particularly in throwing events she won a number of age group titles. She competed at the Oceania Games during the 1980s and 90s winning many titles in age groups ranging from W55 to over 70. And she also won at world master championships.

She was a long and triple jump official at the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games.

Kim Rodley formerly of Lower Hutt died on Saturday 21 January 2017 in Austria, aged 50.

He lived in Austria for 20 years and he died from Melanoma. Kim provided considerable assistance and support to New Zealand mountain running teams.

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