It's Friday night and you're out playing putt putt with a group of friends when a lose shot ends up in the water fountain. What's your move?

Do you take the drop and start again from the tee, or do you produce arguably the greatest shot the world of mini golf has ever seen?

This young gentleman chose option B, and perfectly executed the ol' water-fountain-floating-golf-ball-shot.

The greatest putt-putt shot of all time. A water fountain floating golf ball to hole-in-one. Video / Kyle Cox

His friends screamed like their entire perception of how the world works had fallen apart. Athletes won medals at the Olympics and weren't half as excited as these guys. But what a shot...


How would the English Premier League table look if only goals by English players counted?
The New York Times crunched the numbers and came up with this.

PL table would look like this if goals scored only by English players were counted, Man City would get relegated.....


So, how would the English Premier League table look if only goals by New Zealand players counted?

We crunched our own numbers and came up with this..

Winston Reid's strike in West Ham's 3-0 win over Tottenham would put the Hammers top, while Tottenham would finish bottom. Swansea and West Bromwich Albion would also be relegated on the alphabetical rule.

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Throwback Thursday:

This week, Sacred Heart schoolboy Taniela Tupou stole the rugby world's attention in a 30 second video where he terrorised the Kelston Boys High defence.

Dare we say it, he reminded us of a young Jonah Lomu. And that reminded us of Jonah Lomu rugby, and that led us to this incredible montage from the cult-classic 1997 game.