Former New Zealand cricket captain Martin Crowe has broken his silence on the removal of Ross Taylor as leader of the national side. In a letter to the Weekend Herald, he says he wants to tidy up some half truths.

I resigned from the scout position because it was taking up the precious time I needed for healing my cancer. I had agreed to do it prior diagnosis, tried to give it a go but it felt a waste of time in the end. I had also heeded a warning from Ross about troubles in Sri Lanka but had no details as to what. On Friday November 30 I informed the CEO that I had more important things to do. It was a pleasant enough chat.

On Sunday Ross rang me and revealed all. I advised him to talk it out with NZC but he said no one would and that he was cornered. On Tuesday it hit me when he rang again to say White had just sacked him. I was in complete shock and upset for him and his horrible treatment. White rang me late Tuesday night and confirmed it again. He said he would do the courtesy of telling Ross face to face on Thursday. I was stunned at the attitude especially that Ross had no opportunity to express anything. This was totally wrong.

I have been honoured for Ross to have me as his mentor over the last six years. He is an amazing player and and even greater man. He should be treasured.

On Saturday I snapped when I heard the lies NZC trotted out. I tweeted metaphorically that my NZ blazer was burnt. It was a symbolic moment of my disgust. The blazer still hangs in my closet and (I) will be giving it to charity very soon.


Despite strong advice from my medical advisers I could not sit quietly and allow this to continue to happen. It has gone on too long, is affecting many people and must stop.

I have truly tried to help the game. I've made myself available to mentor, coach, select, direct on the board, consult on the committee, and scout. But only the mentoring of Taylor has been accepted. I've tried but not any more. I can only hope the fans can respect that.

NZC has created this situation and I have found myself in the middle of it all at the worst time in my life.

I must move on, far away from the game here, and begin the healing of my serious illness.

Merry Xmas

MD Crowe