The board of New Zealand Cricket must resign.

Ross Taylor has become the latest poster-child for the high-performance dysfunction in our national summer game.

Hung out to dry in a week where communication was first nonexistent and then disingenuous, Taylor's treatment confirms what we already know - that NZC is a rudderless ship.

The latest debacle in a string of embarrassments for the national summer game has to usher in change.


The board of NZC under the chairmanship of Chris Moller has failed abysmally toprovide an environment forsuccess.

On Thursday, as part of the appropriately titled "The Shame Game" series, the Herald listed the extraordinary gallery of comings and goings in New Zealand's high-performance set-up.

Since the 2007 World Cup New Zealand have been through five coaches - John Bracewell, Andy Moles, Mark Greatbatch, John Wright and Mike Hesson.

Lindsay Crocker, Dave Currie and Mike Sandle managed the side and Craig Ross was all but appointed before being red-flagged out of the job at the 11th hour.

Geoff Allott, Justin Vaughan and Roger Mortimer have all beenand gone in various high-profileroles, while there has beena plethora of assistants andselectors - too many to sensibly mention.

Those responsible for signing off on any number of flawed appointments must be held responsible.

Never once has there been a sense that this is an organisation moving in any direction other than backwards.

As a board that has involved itself heavily in operational matters, they must, in the words of former New Zealand allrounder and selectorDion Nash, "stand up and take the hit".

We urge the board of NZC - who all through this Taylor saga have used the mushroom communications strategy of "keep them in the dark and feed them bull****" - to call an extraordinary general meeting and resign.

In the circumstances, it's the least they can do.