Olympic swimmer Natalie Wiegersma is walking away from the sport at just 22 years of age.

The Southlander raced in the 400m and 200m individual medleys in London and says that was all she ever wanted to achieve in the sport.

"For a long time it was my goal to go to the Olympics and when I came back the passion was really gone and I just hated swimming.''

She says while it may seem a big call, it's her time.


"Although I'm still young, I feel like I've got nothing left to give. I trained so hard for the Olympics and that didn't actually go too well for me, but I've given all I can give.

"I showed the world it can be done in Southland, with me being the first female swimmer from Southland to go to the Olympics so I'm happy with what I've done.''

Wiegersma says there's still a small chance she may return to swimming, but for now she's focusing on joining either the Navy or the police.