Freediver Kathryn Nevatt was again red-carded in her bid to break a world record in Masterton today, but also came up one metre short of the world mark.

Nevatt swam 159m underwater on a single breath, surfacing just short of the 160m record.

She was also red-carded by judges for failing to complete her post-surfacing protocol without 'head nods', which show brief losses of consciousness.

The large turn-out at the Genesis Recreation Centre pool in Masterton had affected her nerves, she said. "I was pretty shaky, I think having so many people come along to watch got to me a bit," she said. "The support has been amazing, that will help drive me [tomorrow]. I want that record for the supporters as much as I do for myself."


She was determined to make the record tomorrow, despite having made four attempts in five days.

"It's too big an opportunity to miss ... it's my last chance for a while so I have to have a go. I'll get it this time."

Nevatt was red carded after breaking the record by 4m on Sunday for what the judges deemed were periodic losses of consciousness while underwater.