As if the 100m final could get any dramatic, an Olympian says she punched a drunk in the stands who hurled a bottle as Usain Bolt and other competitors were lining up to race.

Dutch bronze medal winning judo competitor Edith Bosch has tweeted that she had punched the "drunken" man in the stands, who has been arrested by police.

She tweeted in Dutch a message which, when translated says: "A drunken guest throws a bottle for me on the track! I have beaten him....unbelievable! #angry #disrespectful"

According to the Daily Telegraph, another spectator tweeted: "Man in front of me threw bottle onto track just at start! Had to be wrestled off ..."


The scuffle was captured partly on video as the stellar line up of 100m athletes was being introduced and preparing to race.

The Telegraph reported: "The sound of the bottle could heard of video footage just after the starter told the runners to "set"."

After the race, American bronze medallist Justin Gatlin told reporters: "It was a little distraction and I didn't know what it was.

"But when you're in those blocks and the whole stadium's quiet you can hear a pin drop.

"You just have to block it out and go out there and do what you got to do. You can't complain about that, the race went on and it was a great race."

Bolt, who won the race in a new Olympic record, said he knew nothing of the incident.
"I don't know who would have done that."

Yohan Blake who took the silver said he, too, was so focused he heard nothing,

"I was so focused on just running to the line."

Police said in a statement that no-one was injured in the bottle throwing incident.

A man has been arrested on a charge of causing a public nuisance. The charge relates to shouting abuse at competitors and throwing the bottle.

Organisers of the London Games are also investigating.