Our Olympic team pick their dream moments for the London Games

David Leggat

Usain Bolt

The memory of Beijing and the sheer stadium-wide "whoa, did you see that!" which accompanied Usain Bolt's 100m world record pulls me back to the track and his bid for a repeat. This should be the fastest field ever. Utterly compelling.


August 6 Sky Sport 4 5.45am

Andrew Alderson
The rowers

Six of the best on Dorney Lake from the rowers. Show what sporting excellence is and blow away traditional New Zealand medal expectations. Make sure the ink has dried on head coach Dick Tonks' next contract first though ...

Finals from August 1 8.25pm Sky Sport 6

Troy Rawhiti-Forbes
Sarah Walker

I'd love to see Sarah Walker win gold. She won't have forgotten what happened to her four years ago and this is her revenge mission. BMX is one of those sports where the drop at the start can dictate the race. She was very good four years ago but didn't get any luck. Let's hope it turns this time.

August 11 Sky Sport 7, 1.55am

Dylan Cleaver
The men's pair - Hamish Bond and Eric Murray

Two wishes: that Hamish Bond and Eric Murray get what they've earned. Looking outside the New Zealanders, Kenenisa Bekele, the greatest, and British hope Mo Farah engage in last-lap duel in either the 5000m or 10,000m final - imagine the atmosphere in that stadium.

August 3 Sky Sport 6 8.25pm

Michael Brown
Bradley Wiggins

Another win for Wiggo. Bradley Wiggins did something no other British rider had done in 109 years of the Tour de France this month and it would be fitting if he also claimed Olympic gold (in the time trial). He's an ordinary guy doing extraordinary things.

August 1 Sky Sport 7 11.25pm

Mark Mitchell
Mark Todd

Wouldn't it be crazy to be there to see Mark Todd win a third gold medal at the age of 56. That would put him into the pantheon, if he isn't there already. It's more likely to come in the team event than the individual, but others have learned to their cost you can't rule out anything with Todd.

July 28 8.55pm Sky Sport 7

Brett Phibbs
Usain Bolt

Nothing beats seeing Usain Bolt in full flow, so the 100m final is a must. It's got the same starter who disqualified him in Korea and he's been beaten consistently by compatriot Yohan Blake this season, so it's going to be drama from start to finish.