Callaway NZ has just launched their new driver for 2012, the new RAZR Fit. This supersedes the incredibly popular RAZR Hawk driver that was released last year. There was a hint of apprehension when their new driver arrived for testing, could Callaway out do what was an incredibly good driver in the RAZR Hawk?

The RAZR Fit Driver has a classic looking head shape, it definitely does not share the modern look of a massive head that engulfs the ball on address, a simple black and grey graphics with a somewhat traditional tour design and feel.

Callaway have introduced two weight systems to interchange, one on the toe and the second is on the heel. A simple screw tool can be used to swap them out and well worth having a play round with, as they do make significant difference to your shot trajectory. Along with the weight adjustments the shaft can be adjusted at the hozzle, for closed, open and standard lie angles at address. I settled with standard lie angle but with a draw setting, this produced a consistent and long right to left ball flight.

TaylorMade was first into the market with the adjustable weight system in 2004, to be fair, Callaway have taken their time to enter this driver option. But by waiting they have been able to maximize the benefits of their new forged composite technology (seen with the Callaway Diablo Octane I reviewed last year) and the adjustable weight system, the wait has been worthwhile as the results are impressive.


I first took this club out for a typical Saturday round with three other club members, not an ideal test, but it was interesting to see the other three players try it. All commented on the feel at impact, ironically one of my playing partners had opted out of a Ping G20 driver (that I use) for this club and was loving it.

With further time at the range and playing around with the weight options, I really got to like this club. The feeling on impact when you know you had a good swing is worth every bit of the investment in this club. The long hitting Alvaro Quiros recently won in Dubai with this driver, and Phil Mickelson also has in his bag.

The Golf Warehouse are selling the Callaway RAZR Fit driver for $599, they have just released a number of coloured head options as well with a Graphic Pro Launch Shaft that would be well worth trialing.

On trial as well is the latest Callaway golf ball, the HEX Chrome, this is a brilliant ball for distance, has a real soft feel on the greens and has amazing durability, if you tend to cut up your softer balls I would definitely recommend giving it a go. Although the HEX Chrome ball is suited for medium swing speeds, the new HEX Black is the Tour option I would prefer.

Verdict: It may have taken Callaway a while to introduce the weighting system into their new drivers, but the time and engineering placed in combining the flexibility with weight system with the forged composite head has produced a very good driver.