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He didn't understand why my response to his question was 'oh my goodness', and then started laughing.

Last week. Monday afternoon. Steve and I had just checked in to the lovely Lodge Bordeaux motel in Whangarei before my speaking engagement that evening for the marvellous Whangarei Business Women's Network.

The owner had asked 'would you prefer regular or trim milk for your room'?

I had to explain the column that had just appeared the week before here online (How to easily lose business and get a bad reputation) and how many readers had hammered me because I thought that trim (skim in Australia where I was) should be equally available.


Following the theme, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to run a wee contest in my quick tip newsletter to get feedback on the other side of the coin, good customer experiences.

Here are a few that you might enjoy below.

Ute Coyne-Pollig;

I hate to go grocery shopping. Stopped by a Coles on way somewhere (not where I usual go) and had in 20 minutes my best 4 customer service experience that I have received for very long time.

1)Could not find "my pumpernickel" bread. Young man from Nepal brought me to the aisle, friendly inquiring how I liked it and for 2 minutes we were sharing Nepal adventures and German bread experiences.... Very refreshing

2) Looked for T-bone steak. Hubby likes it thick cut. Our supermarket does not do that any longer and there is no butcher in my area. Young butcher at Coles was flying to the task and I watched him talk to the senior "if the chosen piece was a nice one to cut 1 inch and if he was doing a good job"

3-4) at daily counter girl and a packing shelf person were just friendly and professional beyond the "standard learned line" with an honest smile and enthusiasm for what they were doing.

Somebody seems to teach those young people that doing the little extra and enjoying it can make you proud of your own work and make the experience for all so much more pleasurable.

Gary Young;

Thank you for the opportunity to share my great customer experience with Kinekt Design. I recently purchase (online) a very special ring they have designed.

I stuffed up the sizing (clearly my fault), and they happily exchanged it for the correct size at no additional cost to myself. This is easily achieved when you are a local vendor, but I'm in Australia, and Kinekt Design is in New Jersey USA.

Veronica Rainbird;

I was staying at a new 5 star corporate hotel, Conrad Dubai. I needed to purchase mobile phone pre paid credit for my Dubai Sim.

I was advised the business centre took care of this not concierge.

I went to the business centre asked the receptionist who advised they hadn't organised these as yet but I they were available at a shop near the hotel. She sensed my urgency it was 7-30am. She said may I ask ' are you about to go to our restaurant for breakfast. I replied 'yes' a little bit perplexed.

She said if you would care to enjoy breakfast I shall have a porter go and arrange it and we can charge it to your room.

Off I went had breakfast within 15 mins she delivered the phone credit I needed with copy of invoice.

What was the icing. A week later the GM sent me an email apologising this service was not readily available and thanked me for bringing this to their attention as service for international guests. Included was kind offer of phone credit in my room for when. I hopefully next stayed.