Seen hitching, presumably to Wanaka, in Central Otago.

Spider wars

Facebook update of the week: "I fought a valiant spider in the shower this morning. I admired his boldness and will, but unfortunately he chose his arena poorly. For when I am in the shower I become the mighty Poseidon, God of the Seas. He didn't stand a chance." And then in the comments he adds: "aka I stood outside the shower, aiming the shower head at him until he was safely down the drain."

Pets get their own obituary page


Singapore's largest newspaper, the Straits Times, is accepting pet obituaries. The decision to market obituaries to pet owners in tiny Singapore, one of the world's richest countries in terms of per capita income, comes as wealthy Asians have fewer kids and lavish more attention on pets. Though dogs and cats once roamed free around neighbourhoods in Singapore, pet owners today are extremely protective of their pets. In addition, the 80 per cent of the population who live in government-run flats are restricted to just one dog, of a small breed. (Source:

Star Wars lost in translation

This from "My wife has never seen Star Wars. I'm trying to indoctrinate her in the things in life that really matter. Last weekend, we were at a local shopping centre. There were some people dressed in Star Wars outfits, trying to sell toys. Trying to put her new knowledge to use, she points to the tall, dark, cloaked figure in the middle and says: "So, that's Gareth Vader."

Robot alert

"Our beloved Robot 'Sid' was stolen from the offices of [technology company] Propellerhead in Drake St at 3.30am yesterday morning," writes Sharyn. "We think it may be a stolen-to-order crime by an Auckland robot-crime syndicate. 'Sid' is one of a kind, designed and created by well-known Auckland artist Martin Horspool, and was the only thing they stole."

And here's a pic of Sid the missing robot...Any information, please contact Propellerhead NZ via Facebook.

Mobility parks not for the lazy

A reader writes: "As a recent (June 2009) amputee, I was eligible for a Mobility Card. Tired, infuriated, annoyed and angered by those who park in the Mobility Card spaces, I made up little cards of my own which say, 'These parks are for the disabled, not the lazy', and slip them under the wipers. I wonder how many people realise - or care - that the card is for a person, not the vehicle. Even before I became an amputee, I'd share an opinion with those who parked in those spaces without a card showing. Maybe ignorance is a recognised disability which doesn't require a card?

Best new website: Things Banned from Leviticus (hint: lots of sex, but also touching carcasses is verboten)

All the single ladies: Thirteen great Russian guys you can meet through online dating...

Good read: This woman disowned her father; but not because he moved in a young man who served time for a double murder into the family home. That was incidental. A wonderfully written personal account of a unpleasant childhood and ultimate escape...

Video: In Tokyo there is a 3D Photo booth which creates an action figure of you (and your family) in 3D. Which would be kinda cool to have sitting on the mantle...See how it all works below....