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More awkward model poses here
Local: If you were worried you won't get your John Key fix now that the election is over, here's our PM to explain inflation for us.

My new favourite blog: These are text messages between Bennett, a seventeen-year-old teen who acts like a gangsta and his 30-year-old cousin. Here's what Bennett looks like. (Warning: Not safe for work, contains foul language.)
Music: Remember before the Jonas Brothers there was a teen band called Hanson? What are they doing now, you ask? Well, they're making beer and cashing in on their one-hit-wonderness by calling it MMMHop.

Quick clip: Dragonfly escapes hungry frog (slo mo)

Self-promotion: The hilarious billboards of personal injury lawyers.


Crime: Over the past two years, the NYPD has been taking panoramic images of crime scenes in an attempt to better record the evidence. Soon after the photos are posted, investigators can point and click over evidence from a scene that they might have missed in the hectic hours after the crime (Warning: Images of blood and the bodies have not been doctored or blurred).

Strange: This picture of Nicholas Cage and Holly Hunter from the film Raising Arizona featured on Serbian biology textbooks after the designer plucked the image off the web.

Trends: The Hipster Dictionary. Er, what actually is a Hipster? Anyone got a handle on it?

Brain food: David Mitchell (from comedies like Peep Show and Mitchell and Webb) explains some famous paradoxes - like the Grandfather paradox and the Hilbert's infinite hotel (brainy, accessible and funny).

Video: Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki (the world's number 1) and Dominika Cibulkova (the world's number 18) have a good old boogie on court at the Tennis Classic 2011 exhibition in Slovakia.

Video: Introducing the Gun Snuggler - the blanket for your gun. Happiness is a warm gun...