Selling point for this booze shop for sale on Trade Me? It's near Auckland Grammar.

Plastering over cracks

A mother writes: "The other day I received a letter as the guardian of my 17-year-old daughter saying that her ACC claim had been accepted. I had no knowledge of any accident so as a concerned mother went to investigate. The 'accident' was a scraped knee and the treatment was a plaster ... all from the school nurse who insisted on an ACC form being filled out. I don't think we will be requiring any follow-up treatment at the taxpayers' expense."

Tied up by laces


Another mother writes: "We are in intensive shoelace-tying training in our household. After many years of shoe-wearing our son (nearly 9) still hasn't mastered the art of lace-tying. He is exasperated with himself and as parents we are asking ourselves 'where did we go wrong?' Is this normal in these quick and easy times of velcro do-ups and general haste about everything or does my beloved boy have some fine motor disability?"