Ryan in New York: From Mormon to vampire

By Ryan Christensen

Rotorua's Ryan Christensen is in New York, he is keeping us posted with what he has been up to:


You all probably already know that Halloween is a big deal in America and although Sandy tried to put a dampener on it, New York Halloween was in full swing.

Decorations for Halloween have been up pretty much since I got here in September. Americans don't muck around with the build up.

Compared to NZ's Halloween, America is a whole new kettle of fish. Pumpkins and pumpkin flavoured everything everywhere! Costume stores sprung open and they were incredible. They really need to bring all the stuff to Wellington just before the sevens, they'd make a killing.

They really have every costume you could imagine and ones I could have never imagined. What I found most amusing about the costume stores, was to most of the costumes there was a matching one for your dog. My favourite would have to be the dinosaur. Would love to walk around with a dinosaur on a leash.

My first Halloween experience on the Saturday before was a great party with the cool cats from Strasberg.

I dressed up as "Elder Christensen" a door knocking mormon, based on the costume from the musical "Book of Mormon". Notable other costumes were a Peacock, zombie superheros, the little mermaid, cat woman, pair of devils, Count Dracula and Little red riding hood. Was a great night had by all.

The storm had just hit really on the 31st so Manhatten really didn't have the trick or treating buzz. I was out in Williamsberg that afternoon/night and Bedford ave was packed full of children and their parents. Shop assistants were standing outside giving lollies (candy for you Americans) and it was an awesome atmosphere. It really felt magic and the kids had beaming smiles and no doubt super hyper on sugar.

Best commitment to costumes I saw was Mum as the Lion, Son as a scarecrow, daughter as Dorothy complete with Toto. I thought it was odd missing the Tin man until I walked another block and there was Dad carrying all the bags with a less than happy expression on his face.

I have been rehearsing some time now for "Dracula's Call" the Halloween musical. I played the part of Flameout the reluctant vampire who was a bit of a clown (surprise surprise).

Because of the storm it had to be postponed a week. Even with such late notice we managed to fill the house and everyone that came to see it were really positive and had a great time. We hadn't had a chance to rehearse all week because the storm prevented many of the cast from getting in so the cast all did a great job! My first show in New York off Broadway.

Such a great Halloween, though I never carved a pumpkin. But I'm not too worried, I don't even like pumpkin.


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