Residents in a number of local areas were encouraged to conserve water over the weekend but the issues have now been sorted out.

A break in the water supply to the Russell Cres reservoir was being urgently repaired by Rotorua Contracting on Friday and residents in the Fairy Spring, Kawaha Point and Koutu areas were being asked to limit water use.

The Rotorua Lakes Council said on its Facebook page the broken pipe was fixed by 7am yesterday but residents were asked to continue conserving water over the weekend while the reservoir filled back up.

By early this evening the council confirmed the reservoir had filled back up, meaning residents didn't need to continue conserving water.


The council confirmed an unrelated small water break in Mountain Rd at the weekend meant residents in the Mountain Rd and Western Heights areas were being asked to conserve water.

A spokesperson confirmed today Mountain Rd was a standard water pipe leak.

It is understood there are now no more requests for residents in those areas to conserve water.