Eighty-four-year-old Ena Monk started making pottery in the 1970s and the desire to create with clay still fires her up.

In fact, she believes having the creative outlet has kept her young and curious.

"It keeps me young as you are continuously looking for ideas on what you can do next.

"We visit other potters and learn about what they do. There are so many glazes and techniques. You never stop learning. It's a continual surprise as to what comes out of the kiln, as half the time you are expecting something completely different," she said.


Mrs Monk is a member of the Rotorua Potters Group which is having its annual exhibition this month.

She and fellow member, 80-year-old Betty Millar, are the club's oldest members and, while they enjoy the creative possibilities of clay, they say the social benefits of the club have become just as important.

"Now that I'm older, I don't work as much with clay as I used to, but I enjoy the company of talking to the other people. Nowadays I help teach new people coming into the club," said Mrs Millar.

The two women have work in this month's exhibition where 130 pieces are being shown.

The exhibition showcases a variety of styles, and includes domestic ware, garden sculptures, wall hangings and artistic pieces, which are for sale to the public.

What: Rotorua Potters Group Annual Show and Sale
When: Until November 26
Where: The Arts Village