A night of stand-up comedy will see Rotorua taken over by Heath Franklin's Chopper, creating the world's newest superpower - Anzakistan.

Heath Franklin's Chopper - Live From Anzakistan comes to the Civic Theatre on Sunday November 13.

In the show, Chopper has created Anzakistan after taking over the former countries New Zealand and Australia, and he's just the bloke to run it.

Australian Franklin told the Rotorua Daily Post he did a TV show in New Zealand last year based on the idea of Chopper taking over New Zealand and Australia, and when it had finished he had some ideas left over so wrote an hour of stand-up comedy.


He said he thought some parts of the show were the funniest he had written.

The main idea was the rivalry, as well as similarities, between New Zealand and Australia, and that if both countries put their heads together they could become a dominant force on the world stage, he said.

Franklin said it would be good to get back to Rotorua and he was looking forward to going to places on this tour he did not get to when he was last in New Zealand.

He said he had been to Rotorua at least two or three times before.

He said the city had a great atmosphere, enthusiastic crowds and a good vibe.

"I just always really enjoyed myself there."

He said he enjoyed performing and comedy because it was, first of all, a lot better than some of the other jobs he had had - "it's better than carrying scaffolding for 12 hours a day".

Being in a room with hundreds of people laughing was an adrenaline rush, he said.

"If you don't like laughing for an hour and a bit then I don't know how to relate to you."

The Details:
-What: Heath Franklin's Chopper - Live From Anzakistan
-When: Sunday November 13, 7.30pm
-Where: Civic Theatre
-Tickets: $34-$42 (service fees may apply), available at ticketmaster.co.nz