The Rogue Stage wants people to bust out the moves at its dance party/ball tomorrow night.

Three DJs are on the line-up: DJ Alexi, a Canadian chef via the Cayman Islands; DJ Belleville, a French musician and co-founder of The Mamaku Project; and Daniel Weetman, aka DJ Sulu, vocalist of roots and reggae band The Black Seeds.

Organiser Karin Vincent said she chose the DJs carefully, just for this event, "for their experience as entertainers and for their unique style".

"DJ Alexi brings Cayman Island nightlife - a tropic adventure, DJ Belleville a French/Balkan gypsy experience, and DJ Sulu a roots and dub, funk, reggae, ska, Afrobeat and hip hop vibe."


"The aim is to be social, have fun and have a dance! The Monarch has a super smooth dance floor and the space is stylish, gorgeous and decadent."

Although it's a ball, she said people can dress up or down.

"Be creative and have fun with it - a colourful hat, a scarf, odd socks, a loud shirt or if you prefer, a glittery gown. Of course you can go full monty and dress up! There will be spot prizes for participation."

She said since The Rogue Stage moved functions to the Prince's Gate, events had been going extremely well with more people supporting gigs and giving excellent feedback.

"It is a beautiful space and acoustically the best venue I've ever hosted live music in. The Rogue Stage audience is also enjoying the space, very comfortable to relax and listen to music in. The musicians are also loving the space."

What: The Rogue Stage Ball
Where: The Monarch, Prince's Gate Hotel
When: Tomorrow
Tickets: $40 Door or $35 at

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