Push, pull, stride, spin, stop. And again! Keep going until it's perfect.

This past week was all about fine-tuning and making sure Flash, Brent Park, and I are nailing every move.

At least it was until we realised there was a 20 second piece in our routine that just didn't fit. Oh dear.

Thankfully one of our lovely teachers, Glen Law, helped us change it completely and wow do we all feel better about it - I can't wait to show you all!


In our most recent practice with the wonderful Shelley Martin we went over our finish, which hadn't been finalised, and managed to make it look wicked. Now I just have to trust Flash not to drop me.

Friday night practices are when each couple does their routine in front of everyone else at least four times with the teachers unanimously saying "again!" until they are happy we have given our all.

Being able to perform it in front of everyone is great, it gives us the feel of what it's like to have people watching and helps build our confidence.

We are almost there, with less than a month to go it won't be long until we are twirling around the stage on August the 13.

Don't forget we are all doing this to raise money for Hospice. If you would like to donate click here.