Rotorua Daily Post reporter Kyra Dawson is taking part in August's Harcourts Dancing with Rotorua Stars.

Last week Flash (my dance partner Brent Park) kindly filled in for me as I was bed bound with, how did he put it? Right, "some deadly illness".

Thanks for that Flash, sorry I missed a week! I promise I will catch up, now that I'm back on my feet.

Although I've only had a week off it seems I have missed a lot! Flash tells me he has been practicing with an understudy and they have changed up a few things, definitely for the better I hear.


I'm eager and excited to learn the new moves and nail them! We have just over five weeks left until the big night, but I'm confident if we knuckle down and give it our all we will smash it.

A lot of our wonderful sponsors have donated some great items that will be auctioned off on the night including a rugby ball signed by Sam Cane, gym memberships, dinner vouchers, pamper packages and many other valuable items.

Keep an eye of the Facebook page for more information.

Don't forget we are doing this for hospice! A worthy cause, if you would like to donate head to