After more than four years living on their peaceful Owhata street, Christine Lueken-Pion and her family have sold, moving from one hot suburb to the next.

Ms Lueken-Pion said her family's Tumene Dr home sold at auction last month and they had since bought a new home in Glenholme.

"We were really pleased with how the auction went. We had been watching the market going up and thought we would put some feelers out because the house was quite big and it was no longer economical for us.

"When we put it to auction we were of the mind that, if it didn't sell, we would just stay where we were, but then it did, so it was all very exciting."


She said they had not bought another house before the auction and missed out on two before they secured their new Glenholme abode.

"The market is ridiculous, I've never seen it like this before, it's like Auckland. We missed out on two homes because you go to the open homes and people are putting offers down straight away."

Ms Lueken-Pion said she was not surprised interest was growing in Owhata.

"Our street was so beautiful and we had fantastic neighbours. I think there's a lot of improvements going on in the area and as a result Owhata is coming up in leaps and bounds. There's a really good family atmosphere and, while there are good and bad streets, like any suburb in Rotorua, I think more people are seeing its appeal."

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8 Jun, 2016 9:09am
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