A call has gone out to help a long-serving Rotorua police officer and "genuine good bugger" who is fighting two brain tumours.

Ruben Allpress, 15, has set up a Givealittle page to help his dad, Detective Steve Allpress, 54, of Rotorua CIB.

On the site, Ruben writes:

"On April 30th 2016 my father Steve Allpress was diagnosed with two stage four cancerous brain tumours.


"One inoperable the other operable and has since had 90 per cent removed, on going treatment about to start including chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

"He is a police officer in Rotorua for the last 16 years and has enjoyed every single part of it. He has a fiance and two children and two step children. His fiance has since stopped working to care for him. This illness has hit our family hard and was very unexpected.

"I am creating this page as the financial part of this has been hit hard. Paying bills and buying specialised food for the family has become difficult. This is why we are seeking help.

"My Dad has to be around when us kids grow up. Any help is welcomed. Thank You."

Sergeant Phil Wilkinson told the Rotorua Daily Post he had worked with Mr Allpress for his whole career and described him as a "genuine good bugger".

He said Mr Allpress would rather not have had to ask people for money but "he is going to need a bit of a hand up".

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"It was a hell of a shock when we found out... he had been away in Greymouth for two months and when he came back he just wasn't himself."

Mr Wilkinson said Mr Allpress was tired all the time and spelling became difficult.

"At first the doctors thought it was stress related. He had been doing a lot of mountain biking down in Greymouth and he had fallen off and hit his head, his partner Kylie took him to the doctors to get checked out.

"They sent him for an MRI because they thought he might have a brain bleed, that was when they found the two tumours."

He said Kylie had taken unpaid leave from her job at St John to take care of Mr Allpress.

Her mother also had to give up her job in order to take care of Kylie's two children from a previous relationship while she was with Mr Allpress at Waikato Hospital.

"They don't know what the future is, it's a financial burden as well as an emotional burden for the whole family."

Mr Allpress also has two children from a previous relationship, Ruben and a daughter, Tegan, 17.

Mr Wilkinson said the doctors had said the type of cancer Mr Allpress had was the most aggressive kind.

"They have said he is terminal but they don't know how long he has. There's plenty of people told that and they hang around for 20 years, he is remaining positive, he's not rolling over or giving up, but it's all a bit uncertain for everybody."

Mr Allpress joined the New Zealand police in July 2000. He worked in Rotorua in general duties until February 2009 when he joined the CIB as a detective.

Mr Allpress has worked in various different work groups with CIB such as the Child Protection Team, General Crime Squad, Adult Sexual Assault Team and more recently in a Crime Control Unit.

He was a member of the Rotorua Armed Offenders Squad from October 2002 to February 2009.

To donate go to www.givealittle.co.nz/cause/steveallpress.