Year 11 students Emma Jackson, Euan Robinson and Maria Trass recently represented Rotorua Lakes High School at the Senior Model United Nations Assembly held in Tauranga.

Sixteen teams of students from the Bay of Plenty spent the day working together and debating amendments to clauses of a resolution which addressed the refugee crisis in Syria. The Rotorua Lakes High School team had several chances to speak in front of the delegates at the assembly to second allies and they showed a good knowledge of political affairs and international issues.

"It was a really fun day with a lot of humour despite the seriousness of the topics," Euan said.

Emma added: "We represented Nigeria and enjoyed studying about this country in depth, and the dressing up was fun. It was also very interesting seeing the different alliances that formed between different countries."


Now the procedures of such an occasion are clear, they look forward to continuing to grow in this arena.

- Supplied by Rotorua Lakes High School

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