Four of the seven unplanned power outages have been fixed.

The remaining outages are in Rerewhakaaitu, Tiverton Downs Rd and Goudies Rd, Waimahunga Rd, Wairapukao Rd.

About 160 customers are still without power.

There are currently seven unplanned power outages affecting hundreds of customers on the outskirts of Rotorua.


All seven outages reported to Unison were unplanned.

The outage in Waiotapu has affected the highest number of customers with about 1200 people without power.

Some areas have been without power since 10am.

To report an outage, go to www.unison.co.nz/outages.

East Rd, Goudies Rd, Low Level Rd, Plateau Rd, Waimahunga Rd, Wairapukao Rd
57 affected customers

348 affected customers

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Waikite Valley Rd
2 affected customers

1205 affected customers

Kapukapu Rd
41 affected customers

152 affected customers

Tiverton Downs Rd
4 affected customers