Two John Paul College students have spent part of their school holidays at a science course at Otago University.

The Hands On Science course ran from January 17 to 22 and Year 12 student Eamon Walsh, 16, and Year 13 student Hyesu Yang, 17, attended with more than 400 students from all over New Zealand as well as some from overseas.

While Eamon won a scholarship to attend and had a "mean" time, Hyesu paid her way and she said it was worth it.

"I was doing anatomy, so I got to go where all the university anatomy students were and we had this lecturer who teaches anatomy and he got a real human leg and cut it open and showed us all the bones," Eamon said.


Since doing the course, Eamon said he was keen to further his anatomy skills and he thinks he might study medicine when he finishes school.

Eamon said other than the dance party at the end of the course, holding fire in his hands was his favourite thing.

Hyesu did physics while she was there and said her subject was more theory-based than practical.

"We learned about the effects and causes of global warming and one of the days we got to use this machine, nick named the 'heavenly fire measurer', and we measured how much infrared light the sun admits and how much the ground actually absorbs."

Hyesu said she wanted to study physics at university and hoped to one day become a physics professor.

The course was also a way for the students to experience university life because not only were they taught by university lecturers, they also got to stay at the Arana and Studholm Halls of residence.

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