Mel Parsons has been touring New Zealand and the world as a singer-songwriter fulltime since 2008 - this weekend she has her first Rotorua show.

Parsons is performing at Okere Falls Store on Saturday night and says while she hasn't spent much time in Rotorua, she's heard about the reputation of the venue.

"That it's got a great vibe, great people and a lovely atmosphere ... that's enough for me."

Parsons, who is based in Canterbury when not touring, said she managed to bring her show to Rotorua after being asked to perform at the Hamilton Garden Festival.


"I paired it up with that. It's difficult to just whip up to Rotorua."

Parsons, who is recognised as one of New Zealand's established songwriting stars, released her third album Drylands last year and is heading to Perth to perform next.

Parsons, who will perform in Rotorua with two others as her band, said she was best described as a singer-songwriter who had "some pretty dynamic stuff" as well as some more mellow music.

She said people who wanted to have a good night out should head along.

Tickets are $25 from

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