An Okere Falls Store gig featuring Rotorua band Strangely Arousing is happening tonight and is expected to get everyone up and moving on the dance floor.

The event will begin at 6pm with Albi & the Wolves kicking off the show, followed by Brendon T & The Vibes from TV show X Factor New Zealand, and Strangely Arousing bringing it to a close.

Okere Falls Store office administrator Kimi Chater said Strangely Arousing had played several times before at the store, with the crowds always big and the band getting people dancing.

"We are right into supporting the community and got to see them grow up. They are now so polished and their talent is amazing.


"They are one of our favourites to play here."

Throughout the year the store stays in touch with the band, who performed in a trip to Dubai last year, and are able to provide a family-style atmosphere where you can see them up close and intimate, she said.

Food and drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, will be available from the store till 7pm and from the bar onwards.

The gig will take place in the garden bar and will continue under marquees if the weather turns rainy.

All ages can attend.

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