Work has begun on a wetlands project at Tikitapu (Blue Lake) to help keep the water flat on a popular water skiing course.

The Rotorua Water Ski Club has spent three years fundraising for the floating wetland and this week work finally got started.

The project will cost more than $300,000 and will take six weeks to complete.

The wetland is the result of 10 years of debate among club members and other skiers who wanted to make the water on the slalom course consistent and smooth.


"It was a daunting prospect for a small club looking to improve the quality of our slalom course and the water quality of the lake at the same time," said club president Ian Barker.

He worked with the Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Te Arawa Lakes Trust to ensure they were happy with the proposal. "They've been so supportive."

The club reached its fundraising goal via several grants, including one from the Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust, and other organisations, such as Rotary. Club treasurer Paul Laing said, "Without the initial offer of support and ongoing encouragement from their staff and trustees we would never have got to this point."

The partners in the project include the Lotteries Grants Board, Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust, Southern Trust, NZ Community Trust, Bay Trust, Bay of Plenty Regional Council Environment Enhancement Fund and Lion Foundation.

"The vision of improved water quality, as well as a national, if not international, class slalom course has been endorsed by them," said Mr Barker.

"It's a perfect example of great community organisations pulling together to back a small club and a significant local project with major environmental and recreational benefits.

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"All our members are amped about next season. We expect that'll start a couple of weeks earlier than usual with our new wetland in place. It's an exciting time for the club."