Herald daily quiz: June 18

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  • How old is Michael Schumacher?
    41 43 45
  • Thousands of fans were fooled into thinking what star had become a dad after a fake Facebook.com message suggested he had adopted a baby last year?
  • What country is recently requested large areas of rainforest be delisted from the UNESCO World Heritage list to make way for logging?
  • How do you express the angle 0.47 degrees in Degree-Minute-Second (DMS) notation?
  • Which pop star's world tour is called 'Bangerz'?
  • Burundi is landlocked. True or false?
  • How old was the oldest player to play at a Fifa World Cup?
    42 44 46
  • What company's advertising campaign has caused controversy by featuring an image of a man's torso with a large bottle of shower gel tucked into his towel and the slogan 'Wake up with a Big One'?
  • What is an obsequies also known as?
  • Who starred as Aaron in the 2007 film 'Death at a Funeral'?
  • All Blacks centre Conrad Smith will miss the third test against England due to an injury on which part of his body?
  • Dame Cath Tizard was the mayor of Auckland City. True or false?
  • A yarborough is a hand in bridge containing no ace and no card higher than what?
    8 9 10
  • How many countries does the Qhapaq Nan travel through (the large network of roads once used by the mighty Inca Empire)?
    2 4 6
  • David Cunliffe announced that under Labour, KiwiSaver would be made compulsory and contributions would rise to what per cent by 2021?
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