When Lisa Reid's daughter arrived in the world, the delivery room wasn't just full of people to greet her.

There was also a dog.

Miss Reid's guidedog Ami was there when the 25-year-old gave birth to her first baby, Maddison Ami Williams, on December 14 at North Shore Hospital.


"I couldn't go anywhere without my Ami," said Miss Reid, who regained partial sight 14 months ago after 14 years of blindness when she bent to kiss her guidedog good night, but accidentally bumped her head.

The following morning she had regained 80 per cent sight in one eye, although doctors have been unable to explain the medical miracle.

Miss Reid, who will marry the father of her baby, Rob Williams, in March, said she was coping well with motherhood and enjoying her own "little miracle".

"She's just perfect ... It's the life I've always wanted, to have a child, to have a family."

Doctors were concerned for Miss Reid's health during her pregnancy, warning her that giving birth could cause her to lose her sight by placing dangerous pressure on her brain, where the tumour that caused her blindness was excised so long ago.

But "everything went perfectly", with Miss Reid giving birth to Maddison after nine hours of labour.

Doctors had expected to give an epidural and to use forceps to assist her during the birth, or possibly deliver Maddison by caesarean section. But Miss Reid received only gas as a painkiller.

"Everyone's been so amazed at how well it went, I always knew it would."

Headaches, fatigue and the occasional migraine have plagued Miss Reid since she regained partial sight, but she has encountered no new problems since giving birth.

She said support from friends, family and her midwife and obstetrician has helped her transition to motherhood.

Miss Reid is sharing a home in Waiheke with Mr Williams, aged 34, and his 14-year old daughter, Anji. The pair are considering buying a property on Waiheke, where Mr Williams is working as a builder.

Miss Reid said she would like to have another child or two.