A young Kiwi couple whose interview for a visa to visit America was cancelled yesterday are "stoked" that they will now be able to go after all.

The couple, a Pākehā man aged 29 and his NZ-born partner, 24, were refused a visa interview by the United States consulate in Auckland yesterday because the young woman's parents are Iranian so she has dual NZ and Iranian citizenship.

An embassy spokeswoman said last night that dual nationals of all seven majority-Muslim nations banned from entering the US by President Donald Trump last week would not be permitted to enter the US during the 90-day ban.

But this morning she said dual nationals who also hold passports of an unrestricted country such as New Zealand "may resume travel to the United States".


The policy reversal means the Kiwi couple can now travel to the US as planned on April 4 for a six-week tour on their way to Britain, where they plan to work.

"We were stoked when we saw it this morning," the young man said.

He said his partner would now apply again for a visa interview.

"I'm not sure how it works, whether she has to pay another fee," he said. "If we have to pay again, that sucks, but it's a small price to pay."

The US embassy spokeswoman said the couple should contact the embassy's call centre to clarify whether they needed to pay another fee.

"On the general question of fees, non-immigrant visa fees are valid for one year from the date they are paid," she said.

"Our consular staff, and our call centre, are working hard to contact applicants to reschedule appointments wherever necessary."