Fourteen sheep were killed in a dog attack, with the owner describing the scene as being "like a nightmare".

Owner Ann Graeme discovered the mauled sheep on Saturday morning.

"I just went up to get the Bay of Plenty Times out of the letterbox and looked at it. It was quite horrible," she said.

The sheep were "strewn" across the field.


"They had crashed through the fence trying to escape. They were all attacked. Two lambs survived, but they were bloodied and shocked."

The two lambs died soon after.

The Graeme's house was located near schools, which Mrs Graeme said was "extremely worrying" because the dogs were still on the loose last night.

"Somebody ought to be aware their dog is covered in blood. It must have been two or three dogs."

Mrs Graeme had kept sheep at the property for 45 years.

"Beside our pets they were our lawnmowers," she said.

Tauranga City Council animal services team leader Brent Lincoln said he visited the property yesterday, and as of last night had no leads on the attacking dogs.

"It's the worst we've had in Tauranga in many years."

However he said there would likely be no linkage to dogs that attack sheep in this manner, and those that harm humans.

"The sheep run and it excites them."

He said anyone who had any information should contact the Tauranga City Council on 07 577 7000.