A spooked seal's lucky escape across a four-lane road in Dunedin has been caught on video.

Southern Stringers videoed the seal being saved by Department of Conservation workers and police after it was found frightened from fireworks in a carpark on Portsmouth Drive near the waterfront.

Local woman Renee Cunningham, who was letting off fireworks with her friends "peacefully", didn't know there were seals around. She said the explosives probably scared the mammal to the other side of the road.

"He's probably just chilling out with his bros having a good time.


"We come along and disturb the peace so he's like 'sh** let's go to the other side'.

"It was a cute-looking seal."

Cunningham said the four-lane road was very dangerous for a seal.

"It's really lucky that seal didn't get hurt."

The seal can be seen lying on the ground in a carpark before a DOC worker uses a board to drive it towards the ocean. The police controlled traffic while the seal crossed the road.

The video states the same seal chose to nap next to the road a few weeks ago.