9.30pm: The episode finishes on Michelle and Julia talking over lunch.





9.24pm: Social media remains unimpressed with Julia's attitude after her use of the racist slur.





9.05pm: Plenty on Twitter shared their fondness for the friendship between Michelle and Gilda.


8.55pm: While Gilda and Michelle stayed behind as the others boarded a private helicopter, people questioned whether the right decision had been made about the trip.

8.51pm: Social media users express their sympathy for Michelle in the situation.

"My eyes actually watered, hearing the hurt and anger cracking Michelle's voice really f***ing hits you in the heart," Tweeted Lucy Zee.

8.49pm: Fellow Real Housewife Louise Wallace says a white person calling a black person the n-word is "unacceptable" in any circumstance.

8.48pm: The show reopens on Sloane saying she "feels sick" that she has caused such offence.

8.47pm: Fan favourite Gilda received support from several twitter users.

8.44pm: As the show went to its first ad break, social media users shared uniform shock over Sloane's use of the n-word and seemed unimpressed with her explanations and apology.



8.41pm: Twitter users react to the show launching straight into the incident.

8.39pm: Blanchard says she has never been called 'that word" in her entire life.


8.30pm: Tonight's episode of Real Housewives of Auckland features the shocking use of a racial slur against one of the cast members.


During a boozy filming session on a luxury boat trip in Queensland, Real Housewife Julia Sloane refers to fellow cast member Michelle Blanchard as a "boat n*****". Blanchard is of English and Jamaican descent.

The fallout from the comment, which Sloane attempted to explain was "an old boating term", dominates the rest of the sixth episode of the reality TV show.

The slur was made after fellow housewife Gilda Kirkpatrick asked Blanchard for a hand-up from below decks, prompting Sloane to comment: "She's not your boat n*****.

After the use of the slur was revealed in the Herald on Sunday both Sloane's husband, Michael Lorimer, and Blanchard have spoken to media about the incident.

In an interview with The Spinoff, Blanchard said Sloane "just doesn't want to own what has come out of her mouth".

Lorimer said his wife took full responsibility for her "foolish racial slur". She had apologised four times to Blanchard and felt deeply remorseful.