A 16-year-old who was was taken to hospital in critical condition after the car he was in crashed into a tree in South Auckland yesterday morning was stable last night.

The teen and a 9-year-old, who suffered serious injuries, were in a car which crashed into a tree on Ferguson St in Mangere at about 9.15am yesterday.

A crane was used shortly after noon to remove and lift the car from the tree.

A Middlemore Hospital spokeswoman said the teen was in a stable condition late last night.


The police Serious Crash Unit is investigating the crash.

Alex Tonga, 16, witnessed the car "zooming up and down" the street in South Auckland where he lived.

"The driver was probably doing 120 or 140ks, I don't know, but I was thinking he was either drunk or crazy, eh."

Mohammed Shafik, 59, who lives a few doors away, said he was woken up by a "loud bang".

"I rushed out, and it was then that I knew the sound came from a car crash," he said.

Mr Shafik said the street was popular with boy racers and he believed it had been just a matter of time before a serious accident happened.

His granddaughter, Shama Shahista, 15, said several less serious accidents had happened on the street in the past.

"Usually it's in the early hours of the morning when people are coming home from parties or something," she said.

Josh Patel, 46, who stays overnight at his girlfriend's house on the street every weekend said boy racers had been "terrorising" residents.

"They drive their souped-up cars at top speed endangering not just their own lives, but pedestrians too," he said.

"They're terrorising us, and that's why some of us don't even want to step out of our homes at night."