I live in the Mt Wellington/Ellerslie area, and more and more often we get a helicopter circling overhead. They're really noisy and they come close enough to make the house shake. Usually they keep circling for half an hour to an hour. They can't be checking the traffic because they're circling round and round, not hovering over the big roads. So what are they doing and why are they up there so often?


A big thank you to the kind lady who offered me her umbrella when I was caught in heavy rain last Thursday after being at a funeral and returning to my vehicle. I was just metres away from the car but the offer was very generous. You are a special lady.



Iced coffee is great in a long glass when ice-cream is used - tepid "iced" coffee served in a jam-jar with a handle isn't! Cafes please note.


Thanks to all who came to my rescue when I was struck by a car on the Royal Oak roundabout on Saturday. I really appreciated seeing so many people as I lay on the road. Extra thanks to St John, the police and Anna.


The large agricultural tractors from market gardens around Bombay and Pukekohe should not be allowed on the road during daylight hours. They drive at 40km/h in 100km/h areas and drop a lot of soil on the road, causing degradation of the tar-seal. We have enough road and traffic woes without these road hogs.


Huge improvement at the traffic lights on Wellesley St West. The queue isn't as long as it used to be; traffic is moving on smoothly. Nice job Auckland Council.


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