Most Labour voters prefer the Green Party to NZ First if Labour only needs one of them after the election and Labour leader David Cunliffe has hinted the Green Party would have the edge if that was the case.

Half of the voters in the Herald- DigiPoll survey said Labour should go with the Greens if Labour was able to form a government with just one party compared to 35 per cent who chose NZ First.

Among Labour voters polled, 59 per cent chose the Green Party to 38 per cent for NZ First. About 42 per cent of National voters also said the Green Party against 37 per cent for NZ First.

Mr Cunliffe said Labour's aim was to be able to work well with either or both "but of course we have a strong long-standing relationship with the Greens in particular".


On current polling, Labour is likely to need more than one support party to govern - currently the bloc of Labour, the Greens, NZ First and Internet Mana is about seven points behind the National aligned parties.

Mr Peters would not comment and has consistently refused to say which party he would prefer to go into government with.

Asked if Mr Peters should state a clearer preference before the election, Mr Cunliffe said "I think it would be an advantage to voters to know what he would prefer to do."

However, he said he respected Mr Peters' right to wait until the election results were known.

He said his preference was to include both parties in any arrangement, similar to National's agreements with Act, United Future and the Maori Party.

Mr Cunliffe said Labour had a lot in common with both, on economic policies with NZ First and in other areas with the Green Party.

5 Jul, 2014 9:00am
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