A scammer has targeted people with items listed for sale online this week. It's one that has been around for a while: a buyer claiming to be from overseas texts or emails, and says they will buy the item for the asking price, sight unseen. They offer to put the money into a PayPal or bank account. Usually a screenshot of the money being transferred into an account is sent - but these deals go wrong when the money never shows up, or the PayPal payment is cancelled. The scammer banks on the seller having posted the goods before they realise the payment never went through.

Other scams have arrived by text this week, such as:

• "colnub@comcast.net YOU WON Your mobile number won $2,500,000.00. For claims, send your mobile number to kevinsmith20012@gmail.com to confirm your winning."

• "I am Mr.Ting, I work with H S Bank. Can I do business of $19,500,000 with you? For more information reply your email to: tingprivate@yahoo.com."