An adult entertainer and former Hamilton mayoral candidate has been convicted of assaulting a man who later punched her teeth out.

Lisa Lewis this week failed in her application for a discharge without conviction in the Manukau District Court.

The fight occurred during a party at her Cambridge home last year. Lewis punched a guest who then retaliated.

Her lawyer, Peter Boylan, told the court a conviction would prevent Lewis travelling to the US and Australia for adult entertainment work.


Judge Heather Simpson said the assault was at the low end of the scale. She convicted and discharged Lewis, saying conviction was penalty enough. "She has skills that are in demand and she has been described as a person with a good work ethic and business-minded attitude."

The victim - who has permanent name suppression - had told the court Lewis hit him with "girl-like punches". The 39-year-old was convicted and ordered to pay $300 in reparation for retaliating. Lewis said her treatment in comparison was a joke. "A man punches a woman's teeth out and gets permanent name suppression, common assault and pays $330 ... and I get assault to my name."