The Michaels family

Loizos Michaels:

Aged 45, born in Cyprus, family emigrated to Melbourne. A master conman, convicted yesterday of 30 counts of deception which defrauded his victims of $3 million.

Helen Vassilakas:


Sister, aged 44. Wanted in Australia for fraud.

Panayiota Loizou:

Mother. Police believe she is with her daughter.

Michael Paelis:

Father, returned to Cyprus, now dead. Described by his son as a miner.

Caroline Wood:

Wife and victim of Michaels. Bankrupted and lost her home.

The partner in crime
George Plakas: Posed with Michaels as a high-roller at the Christchurch casino. Later convicted and jailed in Australia for A$750,000 fraud.

The Christchurch casino executives
Stephen Lyttelton: Former chief executive. Lost $951,000.
Peter Arbuckle: Former gaming manager. Lost $1,465,000.

The politicians
Peter Goodfellow: National Party president and longtime friend of Lyttelton. Agreed to be director of a company that was part of the scam. Lost $114,000.
Gerry Brownlee: Cabinet minister, agreed to be director in a company that was part of scam. No financial loss.

The moteliers
Janet & Ted Jackson: Moteliers, conned in a deal to buy their motels. Lost $353,000.

The sportsmen
Jonah Lomu: Was to have been the face of a world kickboxing competition Michaels claimed to be developing. No financial loss.
Other sports people: Details suppressed. Combined loss $286,000.