Images of Emily Longley's last night out have been screened to a jury in the trial of a man accused of her murder.

Longley, 17, was found dead in bed at the house murder-accused Elliot Turner shared with his parents in Bournemouth, on May 7.

The court was shown CCTV footage on Wednesday of the 17-year-old arriving at a cafe, having chosen to go without Turner following an argument.

Prosecution witness Oliver George, 18, a mutual friend, said Turner had criticised Emily, saying she was dressed inappropriately and would attract other boys. She told him she would wear what she wanted.


The footage then showed Turner arriving at the same venue later that night, and when Emily left shortly after, Turner tried to follow her.

Mr George told the court Turner was shouting "she's ruined my life, she's twisted my heart".

Earlier, Turner's next door neighbour Harry Hawkins, 18, told the court that in the early hours of May 7 last year he witnessed a row between Turner and Emily.

He said: "Having walked home from a night out I arrived back to see Elliot Turner and his friend Tom Crowe having a cigarette on Turner's drive outside his house.

"When I walked over to say hello, Tom Crowe made a hand gesture as if to say 'don't come any closer'.

"I got to within a metre and I noticed Tom was holding a mallet."

He had described 18-year-old Mr Crowe as "someone who dramatises quite a lot, which is why I didn't take the claim about Elliot killing Emily very seriously".

Jurors have been told Turner had become increasingly suspicious Emily had been having affairs during their four-month relationship.

The court heard Turner later threatened to kill the blonde teenager with a lump hammer and boasted to her, "I will go to prison for it and still be a millionaire when I come out".

After the murder, Turner is said to have written a letter of confession but it was ruined with bleach by his father, Leigh Turner, 54, to "destroy vital evidence".

The court was told that after the death, Turner's mother, Anita, 51, removed from the house a coat her son had worn on the night of aspiring model Emily's death.

Turner denies murder and perverting the course of justice. His parents both deny perverting the course of justice.